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The history (and Portraits) of the moderne protestant divines

428J Verheiden, Jacob.     The history of the moderne protestant divines, containing their parents, countries, education, studies, lives, and the yeare of our Lord in which they dyed. With a true register of all their severall treatises, and writings that are extant.... Continue Reading →

11 very rare Polish Jesuit Counter reformation books Bound together

583G  Eleven works bound together, . 1) Vindiciae doctrinae societ: Iesu a Calumniis patroni torunensium anonymi. [Bound with] 2) Apologia Roberti S.R.E. Cardinalis Bellarmini, pro responsione sua ad librum Iacobi     Magnae Britanniae ... [Bound with]          ... Continue Reading →

Augsburg Confession 1530

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