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Buridan Materialism

– Three commentaries on Aristotle 1499-1516

¶   A public commission, in 1516 was appointed to find a way of ending the interminable strife between rival academic parties, they asked Eck to prepare new commentaries on Aristotle and Peter of Spain. And so in 1516 &... Continue Reading →

Walter Burley

284J Aristotle , Gualtherus Burlaeus. (Walter Burley (c. 1275–1344/5 )) Expositio Gualteri Burlei super decem Libros Ethicorum Aristotelis (Contains the text of Robert Grosseteste's translation of the Nicomachean Ethics) Venice: Simon de Luere for Andreas Torresanus, 4 September 1500  ... Continue Reading →

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