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British Poetry

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters

It is not usual to find a printed book which gives us such a vivid depiction of the literary world for 17th century women, this is a great book and I am constantly amazed by it. Please enjoy reading about... Continue Reading →

The First Printed Illustrations of the Constellations!

If  ideas were easy, everyone would have them.   The "Poetic astronomy by the most renowned Hyginus, a most useful work,"  Is such an idea that everyone can have, there is nothing so available to everyone as the sky.   In a... Continue Reading →

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters & Her Poems

In my next montly catalogue  Fascicule no VI I will be Listing there Editions of Orinda's Poems The Unauthorized very rare edition of 1664 (#717G) The first Authorized edition of 1667 And the fourth edition of 1678! It is not... Continue Reading →

The LIVES of the most famous English Poets, from William the Conquer to present times (1687)

Much More fun than Norton's Anthology or even The Oxford companion, Winstanley, gives us snips of biography , literate criticism and examples of long  'lost' poems. This book is the first , I know of, attempting to create a literary... Continue Reading →

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