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  Having some how ending up with a vow of Silence now for the last 100 Days  (of the 29,000 days I expect to live)  I have not rested or thought deeply about much, rather I have tried to Insert... Continue Reading →

Please visit us at the 2019 Bibliography Week Showcase Thursday January 24, 10-4 French Institute/Alliance Française 22 E 60th Street New York, NY 10065

Here is my NYC list.. if anything is of interest let me know asap and I’ll give you a great price.!  (Well maybe) 234J Magister Adam   also  Raymmundus de Pennaforti. Su[m]mula clarissimi iurisco[n]sultissimiq[ue] viri Raymu[n]di : [Cologne]: [Retro Minores18 July... Continue Reading →

More Early Books with Notes and Annotations!

These two annotated books are of different species, but both are common usages for writing in books the first one , The 1684 Almanac has been used as a note-book, bound with 12 extra pages both before and after the... Continue Reading →

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