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17th Century

England’s improvement by Sea and Land by the father of English political economy.

The 8 folding engraved maps and plates 476J  Andrew Yarranton 1616-1684 England’s improvement by sea and land· To out-do the Dutch without fighting, to pay debts without moneys, to set at work all the poor of England with the growth of... Continue Reading →

The Destruction of the Huron Missions at the Hands of the Iroquois

Bressani, Francesco Giuseppe (1612-1672) Breve Relatione d’Alcune Missioni de’ PP. della Compagnia di Giesù nella Nuova Francia. Macerata: Heirs of Agostino Grisei, 1653                                  ... Continue Reading →

Do you Read all those books?

Quite often at book shows a curious looker will ask " Have you read all these books?" and I usually answer truthfully but obtusely "I only wish" And that answer just is the tip of the iceberg, usually I find... Continue Reading →


VIRTUAL PAUL’S CROSS 0 COMMENT  09 MAY 2013   POSTED BY PETER ESCALANTE As the Junius Institute post says, “One of the aspects of the digital age that is especially exciting is the ability to interact not only with source texts but to recreate... Continue Reading →

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