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17th century women

Katherine Philips 1631-1664 update

This is perhaps the most famous English collection of poems by a woman prior to 1700. P.W. Souers, in his critical biography of Katherine Philips, asserts for her the right to be historically the first English poetess—“In her, for the... Continue Reading →

Back from the Bookbinder!

From Left to Right : 781G Gassendi,  820G Descartes,  695G The Earl of Rochester,  154F Thomas Browne, 904F Pseudo Aristotle, 815G John Fisher.   781G Pierre Gassendi 1592-1655 Petri Gassendi Disquisitio metaphysica seu dubitationes et instantiae: adversus Renati Cartessi metaphysicam... Continue Reading →

Orinda!!! Katherine Philips: Her Letters & Her Poems

In my next montly catalogue  Fascicule no VI I will be Listing there Editions of Orinda's Poems The Unauthorized very rare edition of 1664 (#717G) The first Authorized edition of 1667 And the fourth edition of 1678! It is not... Continue Reading →

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