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December 2017

Eusebius: the fifteen books of the “Praeparatio evangelica,” before 1473

Eusebius uses  Aristocles, Plato Numenius,the Pythagorean and  Amelius to (re)shape a Christian ethics. He begins this enormous project with the first book containing: I. What the treatise on the Gospel promises II. The charges usually brought against us by those... Continue Reading →

The tremendous and frightful success of justice in Monace, the city of Bavaria.

    A Very rare pamphlet on  witchcraft and the "justice" which followed! Nearly 1000 Peopled killed !     113J Anonmyous   Il tremendo e spaventevole successo di giustitia fatta in Monace, citta di Baviera, l'anno presente, di sei... Continue Reading →

Magic skills and magical spells. 1491

998G Bernardus: Basinus 1445-1510 De magicis artibus et magorum maleficiis ( Tractatus exquisitissimus de magicis artibus et ma//gorum maleficiis, per sacre scientie Parisiensem doctorem ma//gistrum Bernardum Basim, canonicum Cesaraugusta//nensem, in suis vesperis compilatus. ) Paris : Antoine Caillaut,1491-1492? (Dated by... Continue Reading →

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