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February 2017

Lucretius: On the Nature of Things!

Lucretius, has always made me feel hopeful and some how more connected to the universe and less to the subjective problems we perceive. “Happy is he who has discovered the causes of things and has cast beneath his feet all fears, unavoidable fate, and the din of the devouring Underworld.”  VIRGIL “In De Rerum Natura, Lucretius […]

Second best, or Second and Best?

This is very interesting!

Special Collections and Archives / Casgliadau Arbennig ac Archifau

In Latin, the word “secundus” can mean both “second” and “favourable.” Today, many book collectors focus on first editions, but our modern fixation with firsts is a relatively recent phenomenon. The entry on “The Chronological Obsession” in John Carter’s ABC for Book Collectors states that “the average 19th-century collector was as much interested in the finest looking or best-edited edition as in the first.” Second and subsequent editions often incorporate new information and new insights that make them textually superior to their predecessors. In this week’s blog post, we’ll examine some of the reasons you may want to look favourably on the second edition of Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

lyrical_ballads_2vols The second edition of Lyrical Ballads (London: T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1800) from the Cardiff Rare Books Collection.

Lyrical ballads was originally published in 1798. It consisted chiefly of poems by Wordsworth with four contributions by Coleridge, although…

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Who was The Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot…..?

I find it hard to pin down who Rochester was, maybe it is because he revealed of much contradictory emotion in his verse, or maybe it is his reputation of which so much is written about displays the uneasy relation between actions , feelings and expression. I highly recommend the Movie version of his life […]

Physica Curiosa 1662 Gaspar Schott

563G Gaspar Schott 1608-1666 {Part Two Only of } (Only three complete copies of this massive opus have come to auction in the last thirty-five years) P. Gasparis Schotti Regis Curiani E Societate Jesu, Olim in Panormitano Siciliæ, nunc in... Continue Reading →

The first published illustration of a magic lantern.

This part one of a group of blogs on Kircher's  Ars magna lucis et umbrae this books covers such a broad scope I've picked a few subjects to focus on and today Will be the Macic Latern  "De Lucerna[e] Magicae"... Continue Reading →

A guide for women in their conception, bearing, and suckling their children

792G Nicholas Culpeper 1616-1654 A directory for midwives: or, A guide for women in their conception, bearing, and suckling their children. The first part contains, 1. The anatomy of the vessels of generation. 2. The formation of the child in the womb. 3. What hinders conception, and its remedies. 4. What furthers conception. 5. A […]

Eleven early Books MCCCCLXXVI- to- Millesimo quingentesimosecu[n]do

  In chronological order 1) 723G  SaintBonaventura.  (i.e.”Conrad”of”Saxony)”” Speculum Beatae Mariae Virginis. [Augsburg]: Anton Sorg, 29 Feb 1476                        $11,000 Folio,11 1/4 X 8 inches. First edition 50 leaves a-e10. Like in both BMC copies and in the Augsburg copy first... Continue Reading →

Civilization Does Not Civilize

There is a remarkable moment in an interview with the writer George Steiner. That familiar question about the Nazis comes up, of how someone who listened to Bach and Beethoven by day could put peop… Source: Civilization Does Not Civilize

Bernard of Clairvaux, Rare incunabula ! To know God

834G Moses [also .; John, of Damascus Saint.; `Abd al-Malik ibn Abi al-`Ala Ibn Zuhr ] Hoc in volumine hec Continent’. Aphorismi Rabi moysi.  Aphorismi Io Damasceni. Liber secreto⁄¿ Hipocratis. Liber Pnosticationum bm lunazin signis et aspectu planetarum Hipoc. Liber Q dicit’ capsula eburnea Hipo. Liber de elements siue de humana natura Hipocratis. Liber de […]

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