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History of wine

TEN incunabula randomly selected from my inventory: 1)Albertus of Padua, 2)Augustine (pseudo), 3)William of Auxerre, 4)Pseudo Aquinas with Henricus de Hassia, 5) Thomas Aquinas, 6)Beroaldus, 7)Charles VII, 8)Ficino, 9)Holcot, 10 & 11) Orosius, 12)Savonarola, 13) Suso

-) 1 (- 564J. Albertus de Padua (1282-1328): and Pseudo-Nicolaus de Dinkelsbühl (1360-1433) Expositio evangeliorum dominicalium et festivalium. Add: Nicolaus de Dinkelsbuel: Concordantia in passionem dominicam. Ulm : Johann Zainer, 'about' 15 June 1480.   (The colophon reads circa festum sancti Viti)  ... Continue Reading →

Five incunabula new to my inventory: 1) Pseudo Aquinas with Henricus de Hassia, 2) Thomas Aquinas 3)Beroaldus, 4) Guillermus Altissodorensis and 5) Robert Holcot.

566J. Thomas Aquinas  Pseudo ; 1225-1274 Erroneously attributed to Aquinas. Compiled from works by Jacobus de Fusignano (ca. 1333)  and that attributed to Henricus de Hassia (T.M. Charland, Artes praedicandi, Paris, 1936, p.87) (CIBN)  Tractatulus solennis de arte [et] vero modo p[rae]dicandi. ex... Continue Reading →

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