In my “Fiery Hunt” to find out what I need to do, I some times feel as though there is little left to do but the unreasonable>. Well today is one of those days, and so I have listed a very nice book on e-bay.: 

So let’s see what happens.

First here is the link: Complete Incunable 1496 Original binding! Carcano’s Sermonarium de poenitentia.

Here is the book:

9) 942G Michæl (Michaelis Mediolanensis) Carcano ( 1427-1484)

Sermonarium de poenitentia per adventum et per quadragesimam fratris Michaelis Mediolanensis.

Venice : Georgius Arrivabenus, 28 Sept. 1496


Large Octavo a-z8 [et]8 [con]8 [rum]8 A-E8 F10.

IMG_1149This copy is bound in bind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards.Highly impressed with blind tool rool stamps of thistles Strawberries and various other flowers.



Carcano was one of the greatest Franciscan preachers of the 15th-century .

In this book there are 92 sermons for Advent and Lent, that amount to a systematic treatment of penitence. Carcano’s preaching was much admired by Bernardino da Feltre, who called him ‘alter sanctus apostolus Paulus et ChristiTuba’.

He is known for his part in founding the montes pietatis banking system, with Bernardine of Feltre, and for the marked anti-Semitism of his attacks on usury . His sermons were later printed as Sermones quadragesimales fratris Michaelis de Mediolano de decem preceptis (1492). They include arguments in favour of religious art.(see Geraldine A. Johnson, Renaissance Art: A Very Short Introduction (2005), p. 37)



The wording of the colophon suggests that the archetype of this edition is that of Nicholas de Frankfordia,1487


Quadragesimale seu sermonarium de penitentia duplicatum per aduentu[m] videlicet & quadragesima[m] a venerabili viro fratre Michaele Mediolanensi ordinis fratrum IMG_1143minorum de obseruantia editum: qui tum sanctimonia vite, tu[m] ferue[n]tissima verbi dei p[re]dicatione a deo inumeris meruit corruscare miraculis felici numine explicitum est. Impressu[m] V enetijs optimaq[ue] castigatione eme[n]datu[m]: per Georgiu[m] de Arriuabenis Ma[n]tuanum. Anno d[omi]ni .M.cccclxxxxvj. die .xxviij. Septembris./

Goff C197; H 4507*;; W alsh 2140; B MC V 386

(HEHL,Harvard, CL,LC,St Bonaventure Univ ,Univ . of Kentucky , Univ . of Minnesota)