564J. Albertus de Padua (1282-1328): and Pseudo-Nicolaus de Dinkelsbühl (1360-1433)

Expositio evangeliorum dominicalium et festivalium. Add: Nicolaus de Dinkelsbuel: Concordantia in passionem dominicam.

Ulm : Johann Zainer, ‘about’ 15 June 1480. 

 (The colophon reads circa festum sancti Viti)    Price $21,000

Chancery folio: 31½ x 21 ½ cm. signatures: [a12 b–qr6+1 s–z8 A–T8 U10 X- Y8 Z10 aa10].   

This copy is bound in full contemporary calf over wooden boards with an arabesque or vine decoration, as commonly found on Zainer printed books. And a circular stamp of a stag or elk or deer.   One metal clasp of two remains and with the catches are stamped “AVE”  This book has a very early rebacking, and both the front and rear  paste downs are leaves from a German incunabule.  Probably bound at the workshop named Zu of  Ulm  Adler by Schwenke/Schunke feating the tool Blattwerk 511.  Binding EBDB s013420, Kyriss 080 (round stamp with Stag.) 

Certainly one of my favorite type faces!

 In terms of printing history, the work is remarkable for the clearly visible textile impressions on several sheets, which are a consequence of a printing method which makes use of moist textile sheets, a technical specialty which resulted in an improved printing quality, this method was predominantly used by Johann Zainer. This copy is a compendium of the traits and traces of printing production and process which are usefully explained in Claire Bolton’s The Fifteenth-Century Printing Practices of Johann Zainer, Ulm, 1473–1478. Oxford: Oxford Bibliographical Society.2016; these include hand and fingerprints, cloth impressions, the use of Bearer type and EMS, point holes, Press stone impressions, interesting inking and type imposition.

 This copy has several  other interesting contemporary particularities: Ca. 4 sheets are a somewhat smaller size and paper quality,  perhaps making one imagine the emergency of running off of paper at the end of the night?  (cf. A. Schulte, Über das Feuchten des Papiers mit nassen Tüchern bei Joh. Zainer; in Gutenberg-Jb. 1941, pp. 19-22)


The Paste downs are made of single side printings of leaves from the Spiegel des Sünders printed by Johann Zainers brother Günther Zainer in Augsberg (not Ulm) [about 50 mi/82km] There is also a handprint of someone from the time of printing.  

With the Provenance “pro Conventu fratrum Minoru(m) Franciscacanoru(m) Reformatoru(M) Bolzanesium” Franciscan convent Bolzano, Tyrol, Italy 

∞∞ The Paste Downs are leafs  2r & 11r each printed on one side only from the Spiegel des Sünders.

Paste Down are leafs  2r & 11r each printed on one side only from the Spiegel des Sünders.

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Digital reproductions:  urn:nbn:de:bvb:12-bsb00032031-1  

is00675000.   Imprint[Augsburg : Günther Zainer, about 1478]

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Expositio evangeliorum dominicalium et festivalium.

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