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October 2022

The Letters of Ficino 1497

The Letters of Marsilio Ficino represent an essential core of his thought and influence as a chief architect of the Platonic and Hermetic revival, the philosophical and revelatory center of the new learning that was revamping religious vision and humanistic... Continue Reading →

16th century English theology Six interesting books!

598J Walter Travers 1547 or 1548-1635. And translated by Thomas Cartwright.1535-1603. A Full and Plaine Declaration of Ecclcsiasticall Discipline owt off the Word off God, and off the declininge off the Churehe off England from the same.   [Heidelberg] : Imprinted... Continue Reading →

Founder of Experimental biology ! Francesco Redi;  (1626-1697)  & Women with Microscopes! 1671

470J Francesco Redi;  (1626-1697)  Smarrito  Francisci Redi, patritii aretini, Experimenta circa generationem insectorvm :  ad nobilissimum virum Carolvm Dati. Amstelodami : Sumptibus Andreae Frisii,  1671. Price $1,800 Duodecimo 13½ x 7½ cm. Signatures: *⁶ A-O¹² P⁶. The frontispiece is a Woman scientist looking through a... Continue Reading →

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