444J Guillermus Parisiensis;        (1297?-1312?)
f.1 VITAM BONAM ET EXITUM  Beatum | Ego Frater Guilhermus sacre Theologie Profes | sor minimus parisius educat[um]. Sacroru[m]  euangelio|rum ac epistolariu[m] de te[m]pore dieb[us] dominicus et sa[n] | ctis. Etiam super cômune Apostolo[rum] Martirum. confossorum. | virginum. Et pro defunctis Exposiciones in vnu[m] colligere v | olume mius expertis clericis.

f 180v: [Et ego reſuſci—||tabo eum in nouiſſimo die] quo ad coꝛpus vt ſimul gaudeat|| in coꝛpore et in anima. 

 Poſtilla ſuper epiſtolis et euangelijs dominicalibus feſt||uitatibus ac de ſanctis per anni ciꝛculum ſecūdum ſenſum||litteralem collecta feliciter Explicit.

[Vienne: Eberhard Frommolt. not before 1480] ( Date and assignment to printer by GW)

Chanclery  Folio. 26.8 x 18 cm. signatures: [a–x⁸ y-z⁶]. 179 of 180 leaves 40 lines  Lacking the initial blank. Three- to six-line capital spaces, with guide letters. Six-line opening text initial supplied in red, capital strokes.  In this edition the comentaries are pinted within the text  controled by brackets. Many initials supplied in red. 

“More than one hundred editions of the Postilla super epistolas et evangelia by Guillermus Parisiensis were printed during the fifteenth century. Surely this esteemed compilation must be regarded as one of the earliest ‘best sellers’, for how else can one explain why the text was not only frequently reprinted but was reissued time and time again by the same printer. The introduction to the Postilla, his only published work, tells us that he was a Dominican and a professor of sacred theology at Paris. This compilation of the Postilla was written down in 1437 expressly for members of the clergy and for those desirous of understanding the excerpts from the Epistles and the Evangelists, more commonly called lessons, which are read at appropriate services throughout the church year. It obviously filled a most pressing need” (Goff, “The Postilla of Guillermus Parisiensis,” Gutenberg-Jahrbuch 1959, p. 73).

Thirteen titles are assigned to Frommolt. Of the present edition, only four copies are known with Only one in the US at Brown University which came from the Southwark Diocesan Archives, London.

GW 11926.; ISTC ig00654800. ;Pellechet 5641. ; Copinger 2861. 

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Johannes de Turrecremata, (1388-1468) NICOLAUS DE BYARD(fl. c.1300).

Quaestiones Evangeliorum de tempore et de sanctis. & [Dictionarius pauperum:] Flos theologiae sive Summa de abstinentia. ; 2 parts in 1 volume.

Incipit materia aurea enucleata ex originalib[us] virtutu[m] et vitioru[m], Flos theologi[a]e nu[n]cupata, [secundu]m ordine[m] alphabeti pro sermonib[us] applicabilis tam de tempore q[uam] de sanctis totius anni.

  [Basel: Johann Amerbach, [ A copy at Frankfurt am Main has rubricator’s date 28 Sept. 1481]

Chanclery  Folio. 26.8 x 18 cm.  [350].f ;   110 2310 458 A10/8-L10 M12 (Flos) π8, a10/8-v8 x6

ISTC it00553000; Goff T553 ; BMC III 747; GW M48236 ; HC 15714* ; Pell Ms 11270; Polain(B) 3869 ; IDL 4519 ; IBE 5680 ; IGI 9889 ; Sheppard 2414 ; Pr 7566 ; BSB T-568 

Bound in later full calf over wooden boards.  Price $29,000

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