“Day” doesn’t seem to be an appropriate measure for time since March 8th 2020. But despite how things appear in my purview, there is an inescapable shared consensus of the passage of aurora and kalendar, creating an ever/never ending alterity between the pluperfect and the post impossible.

As my tactic [an art of disposing of the extra positive trajectory forces; in the order of engagement of circumstances and then organizing operations order to sustain [an trace of] presence] has been to-


This is by no means to say, to Ignore or deny circumstance, rather it a faith in those positive trajectories which are challenged by the pro quo [please note there is no ‘Quid’ {cwidu, cwudu} here, nothing to chew on: nothing at all]

“Je danse souvent avec mon propre fait..Mais c’est ma cousine, et il n’y a rien entre nous: Honi soit qui mal y pense!”

While contemplating this, I have received a “rebate-key” imagine that.